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Welcome to Best Dog Crate, an entirely new way of shopping for the best dog crates and accessories for your dog. We hope you'll enjoy our collection of the very best dog crates, kennels, dog pens, pet carriers, folding crates, and dog crate accessories. When you've found the Best Dog Crate and are ready to make a purchase, simply click the Buy a Dog Crate up-arrow icon, and you're all set! Be sure to use the Dog Crate Search search button on the lower right-hand corner of every page. Help is here if you need it.

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Soft-Sided Crate - Soft Pet Crate

Soft-Sided Crate - Soft Pet Crate

A soft-sided dog crate is a lightweight, breezy, collapsible dog crate. Choose a soft pet crate from a wide range of fashionable colors. Our soft dog crates are all machine washable and pack easily in your vehicle. A soft-sided crate is also kind to your floors.

Plastic Dog Crate - Dog Travel Crate

Dog Travel Crate - Plastic Dog Crate

Find the best dog crates for traveling: an airline-approved pet carrier or plastic dog crate. Each dog travel crate is airline approved. For medium and large dog breeds, we offer plastic dog crates for flying in cargo. Unless you have your own private plane, big dogs don't get to ride in the cabin with you (unless, of course, they are service dogs). For puppies and small breeds, we also offer a wide range of super stylish airline-approved pet carriers for easy portability and underseat storage.

Airline-Approved Pet Carrier - Dog Totes

Airline-Approved Pet Carrier - Dog Totes

We select the best pet carriers and dog totes for puppies and small breed dogs. An airline-approved pet carrier lets your dog fly with you. Or choose a pet tote to take your dog wherever you go. We select pet carriers and dog totes with pockets for treats, wipes, and other accessories. Dog carriers should be machine washable, cozy, and, of course, fashionable. Need dog carriers for larger dogs? See our plastic travel crates.

Metal Dog Crates - Aluminum Dog Crates

Metal Dog Crates - Aluminum Dog Crates

Aluminum dog crates are a must for serious dog show enthusiasts, dog trainers, hunters, police K9 handlers, working dogs, and schutzhund competitors. Rugged and durable, a metal dog crate is worth the investment. We offer the best aluminum dog crates. Aluminum is ideal for metal dog crates: lightweight, strong, rust-proof, and it reflects the sun's heat - a definite plus for traveling with your dog.

Collapsible Dog Crate - Folding Crate

Folding Crate - Collapsible Dog Crate

A folding dog crate or collapsible crate provides the safety and comfort of other dog crates while affording excellent portability for travel and storage. A folding crate or collapsible dog crate is great for dog shows! A folding dog crate should boast terrific ease of use, sturdy construction, and reliability of remaining rigid when fully extended.

Dog Crate Furniture - Designer Dog Crates

Designer Dog Crates - Dog Crate Furniture

Best Dog Crate offers the best in designer dog crates. Looking for a BowHaus, Dogloo, wicker crate or dog crate furniture? Explore our innovative, decorative dog crates. We look for excellent craftsmanship, innovation, good value, and that rare dog crate that truly strives to "think outside the box" (pun intended).

Wire Dog Crate - Wire Kennel

Wire Kennel - Wire Dog Crate

A favorite of kennel professionals, wire dog crates are also a great option at home. A wire kennel allows for maximum airflow - a huge plus in the summer. We offer the Midwest Life Stages Crate, Precision Pet wire dog crate, General Cage wire dog kennel and many more. We look for no-rust wire crates with no sharp edges, to protect both your dog and your floor.

Dog Kennel - Dog Pen - Pet Playpen

Dog Pen - Dog Kennel - Pet Playpen

Best Dog Crate has the best dog containment solutions for your home and yard. Choose the best dog pen, pet pen, puppy pen, outdoor dog kennel, dog exercise pen or pet playpen. An indoor pet playpen is great for puppies, while an outdoor dog kennel or backyard dog exercise pen is perfect for older dogs. A dog kennel or dog pen usually has no roof, so see our crate accessories for dog kennel roofs. You'll also find crate dividers, kennel decks, panels, and gates to further trick out your dog pen.

Dog Crate Pad - Dog Crate Bed - Dog Crate Mat

Dog Crate Bed - Dog Crate Pad - Dog Crate Mat

A dog crate bed or dog crate pad keeps your dog warm and comfy inside his dog crate. Crate beds are also useful in crate training your dog, getting him used to the cozy crate pad as he grows accustomed to his dog crate. We only approve dog crate beds, crate mats and crate pads that are fully machine washable.

Dog Crate Accessories

Dog Crate Accessories

We have an extensive collection of dog crate accessories, whether you need a new dog crate door, dog crate pan, dog crate divider, dog crate tray, pet crate cover, or a great book or video on crate training your dog.

Dog Crate Trolley - Dog Crate Dolly - Crate Cart

Dog Crate Dolly - Dog Crate Trolley - Crate Cart

A dog crate dolly, crate trolley or crate cart is a must for dog shows. Many hunters, schutzhund and dog agility competitors also find a crate dolly extremely useful. A dog crate trolley should have front wheels that swivel and fixed rear wheels, plus sturdy construction. Attaching casters or dog crate wheels is also an inexpensive option.

Dog Crate Fan

Dog Crate Fan

A dog crate fan is a great accessory at home or on the road. A crate cooling fan is considered a must by dog show enthusiasts, police K9 handlers, hunters and vacationers. The best dog crate fans are either a clip-on crate fan with built-in thermostat, or a unit that adapts to your car's air conditioner.

Crate Bowl - Dog Travel Bowl - Dog Water Bottle

Dog Travel Bowl - Dog Water Bottle - Crate Bowl

Don't forget dog bowls, dog feeders and a dog water bottle. A crate bowl attaches to your dog crate. When your pet travels or is to remain crated for an extended time, a water bottle and dog travel bowl provide a steady supply of food and water. Ideal dog bowls attach easily to dog crates and are dishwasher safe.